Major Problems Facing Humanity

During recent months I have studied data analysis and associated decision analysis. The time has now come to apply the knowledge I have acquired to some of the major problems for humanity.

Various individuals, groups, institutions and organizations have made lists of major problems for humanity. From these lists I have selected some on which I want to focus in my work on data and decision analytic projects. My attention has increasingly been drawn to problems associated with the general concept of inequality.

Humanity is subject to many different kinds of inequality, for example in

health disparities
healthcare inequality

income inequality
wealth inequality

social sphere

natural resources
food shortage
water shortage
freshwater shortage
oil shortage

I have decided to make water shortage the subject of my first inequality project.

Water shortage and especially freshwater shortage is one of the most serious problems for humanity. The available amount of freshwater is decreasing and the problems caused by this are increasing. And the risk associated with freshwater shortage is increasing, meaning that the probability of a decrease in available freshwater and an increase in the impact of the ensuing problems is increasing.

In a report the World Economic Forum ranks water supply crises as being more likely and having a greater impact globally than the risk of food shortage crises, terrorism, cyber attacks, and geophysical destruction.

Although the global decrease in available freshwater is serious the geographic and regional differences in its availability is even more serious. The focus of my water project will therefore be inequality in the availability of freshwater.

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