StatCrunch is powerful web-based statistical software that allows users to collect data, perform complex analyses, and generate compelling results. StatCrunch is built in an online community offering more than 15,000 data sets. –

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StatCrunch contains a large number of statistical procedures. You can Download a full list (PDF) of statistical procedures available in StatCrunch.

Use StatCrunchThis to analyze data sets on Web pages

The StatCrunchThis bookmarklet allows you to analyze data sets on almost any web page. Simply save the link on the StatCrunchThis page (not the page itself) to your Favorites/Bookmarks folder. When you find a data table on a web page, choose the StatCrunchThis option under your Favorites/Bookmarks listing, and the data table will be loaded into StatCrunch for analysis. Some examples of web pages with data sets are available. This tool works with data presented in tables and with Google Spreadsheets.


This bookmarklet allows you to pull data sets contained on web pages in various forms directly into StatCrunch for analysis.

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