Data Analysis Books

In order to become proficient in data analysis it is necessary to study the theory and practice of data analysis,

A large number of books have been written about data analysis, especially after the data deluge in recent years and the appearance of relatively inexpensive and effective data analysis software.

I have read or at least skimmed through a considerable number of these books and am keeping them on hand as reference books when I work  on data analysis projects.

From these books I have learned that data analysis is a process consisting of a sequence of stages beginning with  data and ending in knowledge derived from the information in the data.

This knowledge may then be used in making decisions and implementing them by corresponding actions.

The books place different emphasis on the different steps in the data analytic process. Some emphasize the data end, some the analytic middle, some the visualization of the data and the results of the analysis.

The quality of the books are is quite varied. All of them contain something of value and can be used for reference. Some of them I find of special interest to me and have selected for thorough reading. These are:

    1. Data Just Right – Manoochehri
    2. Making Sense of Data – Myatt
    3. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information – Tufte
    4. Visual Statistics – Seeing Data with Dynamic Interactive Graphics – Young et alia
    5. Tableau Your Data – Murray
    6. DataDesk Manual
    7. Parallel Coordinates – Inselberg
    8. Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics – Miller
    9. Predictive Analytics for Dummies – Bari, Chaouchi, Jung
    10. R for Dummies – Meys, de Vries

These books are not necessarily the best for all but they are the best for fulfilling my present needs.

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