I recently came across Kumu which is a network development software. The developers introduce it as follows:

Kumu is a powerful visualization platform for mapping systems and better understanding relationships. We help the world’s top influencers turn ideas into impact through a creative blend of systems thinking, stakeholder mapping, and social network analysis.

Kumu’s cloud-based platform enables users to:

  • Create a deeper understanding of key influencers and system dynamics in order to identify levers for enacting change
  • Discover paths of influence and make the most out of your team’s combined network
  • Analyze and improve how your organization collaborates to enhance innovation and execution
  • Tap into the power of networks in activating support for your cause or organization
  • Evaluate the critical role relationships play in order to change behaviors and create lasting impact

And they continue with:

Most mapping tools are overwhelmingly technical or frustratingly one dimensional. While they might work well for researchers and academics, they’re not very approachable and aren’t effective at engaging stakeholders.

Kumu helps you create and share maps and strategies that are comprehensive, yet comprehensible. Our rich set of tools will support you all the way from the initial idea to impact.

Use filter and focus to explore subsections of your maps without being distracted and overwhelmed by its entirety.

Use metrics to run powerful calculations that highlight key players and leverage points.

Use discussions to raise concerns, challenge assumptions, and engage multiple perspectives.

Use presentations to tell compelling stories that further understanding and build alignment.

 Fra <https://kumu.io/>

And with this Video: