Visualization of Long Timelines – ChromoZoom

During recent weeks I have been busy reading books and listening to interviews and lectures about Cosmology. The timeline of our universe is extremely long – 13.8 billion years. In order to visualize the whole timeline it is necessary to transform the linear scale to a logarithmic scale and in order to visualize relatively short parts of the timeline it must be possible in zoom in on them. Fortunately I came across a software program on the net called ChromoZoom:

The program is introduced as follows:

“You can browse through all of history on ChronoZoom to find data in the form of articles, images, video, sound, and other multimedia. ChronoZoom links together a wealth of information that has been curated by experts and enthusiasts to tell important stories from history. By drawing upon the latest discoveries from many different disciplines, you can visualize the temporal relationships between events, trends, and themes. Some of the disciplines that contribute information to ChronoZoom include biology, astronomy, geology, climatology, prehistory, archeology, anthropology, economics, cosmology, natural history, and population and environmental studies.”

The ChromoZoom team has developed a number of timelines. The most interesting is “Cosmos” showing the timeline of the Cosmos from the Big Bang to the present and allowing the user to zoom interactively to smaller parts of the timeline.

The user can develop his/her own timelines using the following guide:

The program is in many ways similar to Prezi.