Tableau 8.2 Training Manual by Keller

I have been reading the Kindle Edition of the training manual and working through its examples.

Keller says in the preface:

“This document is intended for new users who range from days to a few months. It contains some lessons that introduce advanced material to enable the user to “see” what the future can be with Tableau. The manual begins at a level geared to the average user and is written in simple language unaffected by a need to promote extraneous features.”

“Every step in this manual is supported by examples in seven (7) Tableau Packaged Workbooks that each user receives with the  purchase of the manual.”

Keller, Larry (2014-11-11). Tableau 8.2 Training Manual: From Clutter to Clarity (Kindle Location 27). Larry Keller. Kindle Edition.

I consider  the training manual to be an excellent introduction to Tableau 8.2.