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Dr. Saed Sayed has published a fine data mining map called “An Introduction to Data Mining”. The url is

The map show the stages and substages of the data mining process with a wealth of information about relevant methods.

Dr. Sayed supplies the following information about himself:

“I have more than 20 years of experience in data mining, statistics and artificial intelligence and designed, developed and deployed many business and scientific applications of predictive modeling. I am a pioneer researcher in real time data mining, an adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto, and have been presenting a popular graduate data mining course since 2001.”

Dr. Sayed has written an excellent book called “Real Time Data Mining”.  His description of the content of the book is an excellent characterization of data mining.

“Data mining is about explaining the past and predicting the future by exploring and analyzing data. Data mining is a multi-disciplinary field which combines statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and database technology. Although data mining algorithms are widely used in extremely diverse situations, in practice, one or more major limitations almost invariably appear and significantly constrain successful data mining applications. Frequently, these problems are associated with large increases in the rate of generation of data, the quantity of data and the number of attributes (variables) to be processed: Increasingly, the data situation is now beyond the capabilities of conventional data mining methods. The term Real Time is used to describe how well a data mining algorithm can accommodate an ever increasing data load instantaneously. Upgrading conventional data mining to real time data mining is through the use of a method termed the Real Time Learning Machine or RTLM. The use of the RTLM with conventional data mining methods enables Real Time Data Mining. The future of predictive modeling belongs to real time data mining and the main motivation in authoring this book is to help you to understand the method and to implement it for your applications.

The image below illustrates the extraction of data from a bottomless black hole of big data.

Searching for Gold.

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